who we are

Chi Alpha is a faith community for all students. Our passion is to change how people see Jesus on our campus. We empower students to have spiritual experiences, ask hard questions, and live out peace and love. 

We strive to be a community that is:

  • always honoring
  • faithful, available, teachable, and hungry for more
  • authentic and kind
  • spiritually aware
  • pursuing unconditionally
  • Community:
    • We love building a family together, that has fun and isn’t afraid of going deep and vulnerability.
  • Discipleship:
    • A fancy word for intentionally helping each other grow more like Jesus and who we were created to be .
  • Worship:
    • We love Jesus, and spending time honoring Him is a huge part of who we are.  We especially love worship nights.
  • Prayer:
    • One of the best ways to love each other and God is to spend time in prayer, both on our own and together.  
  • Missions:
    • We want to share the love and freedom of everyone in our lives, by walking through life together, and outreaches and mission trips.


Director, Ph.D. Theological Studies

I am passionate about asking the right questions and helping people explore their questions. College students have a lot of questions already, that’s part of what i love about our students. We will only get the answers we are seeking if we are asking the right questions and looking for answers in the right places. I love pointing people in the right direction and watching God meet them there.


Director, BA Religious Studies, Life Coach

For many years I lived feeling misunderstood & that I didn’t belong anywhere. As I matured & my relationship with God matured I began to accept the fact that God loves me just as I am. I began to love myself & others. I am passionate about providing a place where students can be understood and belong. My favorite thing  to do is meet with students & listen to their life stories and steer them in the direction of healing through community and most importantly a relationship with God. 


Staff Admin, BA History & Art History

I am passionate about helping people rediscover their faith and the depth of God’s love for them  I love being part of women’s lives and walking with them through growth and healing. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone discover and become all they were created to be.  I am most inspired by the beauty of nature and how God’s fingerprints can be seen all around us, especially underwater. I love how Jesus restores and bring beauty from chaos, both in the world he created and in our lives. 


Worship Staff, BA Religious studies

I am passionate about seeing college students wake up to knowing their value and identity, and grow into who God made them to be. It’s amazing to witness students transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, and then see them share their story to their friends, families and their communities. It’s a blessing to walk with students, navigating culture, relationships, and life and see them move forward,

My wife Kelsey is my biggest inspiration. Her life has challenged me to love God, myself, and others well.passionately towards impacting our world.


Staff, MA Intercultural Counseling

As an Alumni of SDSU, I am passionate about creating a community for students of all backgrounds to belong and explore their spirituality on campus. I am inspired by the great need facing our young people today. College can be a time in which many face issues with mental health, identity and faith. It is my goal to empower students, particularly women and marginalized peoples to live their best lives as children of God and help others do the same.


“You will never influence the world trying to be like it.”

Toby McKeehan


“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less”

CS Lewis


“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

JRR Tolkien


“Show up … First for yourself. That version of you that is tomorrow.”

Kristine Farnum