Small Groups

Small groups are a huge part of what we do.
This is where friends become family, where we ask the tough questions & explore who Jesus is, where we challenge each other, grow together, and discover what true community can be.

When I arrived at SDSU I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the unknown. Being in a small group connected me with women I have come to trust. They allowed me to build connections and gave me a sense of belonging. The women I now call friends listened, encouraged me, and helped me find the confidence to navigate my first year. It gave me a stable starting point and a safety net.


Biology, Leadership Development

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"Being in a small group really helped me to find a community and form deep and intimate relationships with others. I've become very close with those within my small group and the support we have for each other is something I've struggled to find elsewhere."


Public Health

Small groups are so important to me. It gives us a support group and new friendships. I love having a group of friends who share the same relationship in God as I do.I love the friends I've made!